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Announcing Cash Prodigy Launching 8th August at 11am EST

Revealed: How We Leverage the Power of Artificial Intelligence to Explode Our Online Earnings.  Full Training Program, Complete With Guaranteed Approval to Promote, plus Done For You Tools to Sell it.  A true win-win for anyone who buys it!

Tuesday 8th August

 11am EST



What is CashProdigy?

How to Use Artificial Intelligence to Make Money…With a Twist


Hey JVS, Trevor here, and myself, Fergal, and Max are back with another in The Prodigy series, and this one is Cash Prodigy.

So CashProdigy is a full training program that will teach your subscribers, your buyers, how to use AI to make money online. How to use AI to generate cash. We cover all sorts of things in here including midJourney, obviously chat GPT, but more importantly, specifically how they can use these tools to make money online.

The other thing this has got a very special twist to it, and that is that we’re giving everyone that buys it guaranteed approval to promote it themselves and giving them the done-for-you tools to make those sales of Cash Prodigy. So it’s a win-win for the buyers and it’s a win-win for you because it’s a quality program that you’ll feel proud to promote.

So please lock this into your calendar. Can’t wait to see you on the leaderboard and pay you out those juicy cash prizes!



The Funnel


FE $12.95
OTO 1: DFY: $37
OTO 2: Mass Traffic: $27
OTO 3: Product Launching Formula: $47
OTO 4: Empire VIP Club: $2 for 14 days and then $37 per month
OTO 5: Resell Rights: $47


$700 In JV Prizes!

Note: You must make at least the same as the prize money in commissions to win that prize. If you don’t make the prize amount or more in affiliate commissions, you will win the next prize down.

Cash Contest

Starts 8th August @ 11AM EST. Ends 12th August @ 11:59 PM EST

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